Akina’s focus is on delivering stable yet attractive absolute cash returns: we prioritise the total value to paid-in (TVPI) over the internal rate of return (IRR). Within the given strategy, we constantly ask ourselves: “Where and how can we achieve outperformance for our investors?”

We are a conviction-driven advisor. This is manifested in our profound analytical process, which identifies top-down macro (region, country and segment) sweet spots and merges these with bottom-up micro investment selection.

This selection process delivers concentrated portfolios of funds and companies with management teams who are in a position to deliver superior performance through active involvement with their investments.

We feel that stability of returns is primarily driven by getting our sweet spots for the asset allocation right, while attractive absolute cash returns are the result of selecting those investment opportunities best able to exploit the dynamics of the macro sweet spots.

At Akina, investment decisions must be unanimous. Akina’s thorough evaluation process culminates in collective and unanimous investment recommendation decisions by the investment committee to the board of directors.

We’re always careful to invest the right amounts in the right opportunities. Our programmes, as well as the investments we select, are sized appropriately to exploit each individual market opportunity.

We offer added value to our clients. They benefit from access to Akina’s network, our experience and our business processes, especially in the European market. And they know that everything we do is set firmly within the framework of sound business practices and good corporate governance.

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