Attractive market opportunity

Akina advises on private equity primary and secondary fund investments as well as direct investments in markets in Europe and adjacent countries.

Our specialty advisory services target attractive and difficult to access market segments where we believe we can substantially increase investor returns through our role.

Our investment programmes aim to combine different investment opportunities in order to minimise the J-curve effect, maximise returns and increase diversification benefits.

By focusing on Europe investors are exposed to a vast range of attractive investment opportunities:

  • Europe is the largest integrated economic area in the world, combining elements of mature and emerging markets with different growth dynamics;
  • European small- and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of the European economy and provide a large pool of investment opportunities;
  • Europe offers experienced investors many opportunities to commercialise innovation on a global scale;
  • There is an increased need for alternative financing for companies as tradtional financiers / banks have decreased their presence (funding gap).



Akina’s approach to creating risk-adjusted outperformance

Akina follows a structured and highly disciplined advisory process leveraging the knowledge, experience and capabilities of each team member. Akina’s theme investing approach is conviction-based, focused on proactively capturing market opportunities. Supported by extensive local and regional market coverage our process aims to identify target investments early on, well ahead of official fundraising or selling processes. 

With a high ratio of team members to assets under management, we are in a good position to offer tailor-made products and value-added execution. We offer the benefits of rigorous asset allocation, portfolio management, diversification and selection processes, as well as close monitoring through advisory board memberships and regular in-depth reviews.

Akina prides itself on its responsible business conduct. It applies sound corporate governance practices and strives to maintain the highest standards of business ethics. Akina is a signatory of the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

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