Direct investment opportunities

Since its founding in 1999, Akina has been striving to provide compelling investment opportunities to its investors by advising on direct investments into European SMEs.

Investors benefit from Akina’s strong deal sourcing capability through its extensive network as a leading European mid-market specialist. As a result of these efforts, programmes advised by Akina have built up a well-diversified portfolio of well over 20 companies spread across 13 European countries and various industries.

Akina’s broad focus and investment approach allows us to seek investment opportunities in varied situations where we can expect significant value creation. Our general focus is on the following:

  • Local or cross-boarder market consolidation
  • Domestic or foreign roll-out of proven business concepts
  • Market growth of proven services or technologies
  • Distressed situations 


Over the last several years, our platform has evolved to the point where it now provides access to a wide range of investment opportunities. This success is the result of strict investment discipline supported by an appropriate decision process, proven tools and very close relationships with a broad and selected range of industrial experts.

The platform also directly benefits from a large network of GPs stemming from the primary and secondary investment activities of Akina-advised programmes.

Akina continuously adapts its advisory strategy in light of the prevailing economic cycle, specific business opportunities or market needs. As such, our direct investments may use several types of instruments to ensure that investors receive an appropriate risk-adjusted return in consideration for the investment opportunity.

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