The primary investment opportunity

Akina focuses on the attractive middle-market segment which, as illustrated below, has historically outperformed other segments.

At Akina, investors also benefit from a targeted focus on the following types of primary fund managers:

  • Leading European private equity fund managers with deep roots in their targets market and proven access to attractive deals and a relevant track record;
  • Fund managers with transformational capacity who practice value investing;
  • Managers who can create above average growth or value through operational omprovements and development, organic growth or external growth (B&B, roll-outs), as opposed to financial engineering;
  • Entrepreneurial teams which can readily adapt and find strategies delivering the best potential returns at any given time in the economic cycle;
  • When appropriate, Akina does not shy away from recommending cornerstone investment in socalled first time fund managers (hidden pearls).

The primary fund investment approach

The key success factor behind Akina’s approach to advising on primary fund investments is our extensive knowledge of local markets in Europe, which we have gained thanks to a dedicated multicultural team with over a decade’s worth of advisory expertise.

We strive to remain at the forefront of market developments and seek to anticipate change and exploit new opportunities using both a top-down (regions, sub-segments) and bottom-up (managers) approach. Using proactive identification and sourcing processes carried out through our established networks in local markets, Akina permanently tracks more than 600 fund managers across Europe.

Programmes advised by Akina target a concentrated portfolio build-up to achieve optimized risk-adjusted returns, and we seek to further improve performance through the early identification of off-market opportunities (“hidden gems”) and secure access to “invitation-only” funds.

Akina performs a rigorous investment due diligence focusing equally on commercial and legal aspects. Thanks to Akina’s active monitoring of and closeness to GPs, our programmes are often seen as preferred investors by fund managers.

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