Training and know-how sharing

Akina offers its clients a limited number of on-site trainings to explore the key principles and practices of private equity. It allows clients to become familiar with Akina’s approach to private equity investing as well as with its staff, and to get to know our tools, systems and processes as well as best practice.

Investment selection

Akina advises on investments with a focus on buyout, growth capital and, selectively, special situations, mostly in small- and medium-sized companies whose principal operations are in the European Middle Market. A sophisticated selection process has been developed, refined and honed over the years. It ensures that Akina recommends only best-in-class funds and fund managers with whom Akina has long-standing relationships.

Akina offers its clients advice on investment selection on a case-by-case or mandate basis. Clients also have privileged access to fund investment recommendations and related country analysis prepared by Akina.

Investment management and monitoring

Akina pursues a strategy of close involvement with the investments made by the programmes it advises. Along with regular informal interaction, it does so by seeking formal investor or advisory committee memberships for fund investments, or access to or a seat on the board of directors of direct investments. All investments are closely monitored with our proprietary monitoring tool.

Portfolio and cash flow planning

With is proprietary cash-flow-model, Akina is able to simulate cash flows on a mandate/fund-of-funds as well as fund/direct investment level. Based on continuously updated information – including predictions for the near future – from underlying funds, the model allows for the simulation of various scenarios to ensure an optimal cash and over-commitment management/investment planning for clients.

Comprehensive reporting and analytics

Clients are provided with comprehensive, detailed reporting. Information is aggregated on three levels: the fund programme, the underlying funds, and portfolio companies.

In addition Akina, on behalf of the general partner, organises annual meetings to provide clients with the opportunity to review and discuss investment activities and portfolios with the general partners and their representatives.

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