Euro Choice programme

The Euro Choice investment programme seeks ‘value’ and ‘industrially’ driven investment strategies in specific sweet spots identified on a country-by-country basis in Europe. Marrying this clear macro-driven view with a concentrated selection of fund picks will provide the basis for the macro- as well as alpha-driven outperformance of this investment programme. With the addition of single partnership and small portfolio picks in the secondary market, Akina optimises the risk return profile of the portfolio.

Euro Choice Secondary programme

The Euro Choice Secondary investment programme replicates the secondary strategy of the Euro Choice investment programme, but is offered on a stand-alone basis. Akina’s distinct sourcing approach, proactive targeting of sweet spot fund investments, and the current market environment are expected to deliver primary-like cash-on-cash returns while still providing for the well-known secondary features of optimized IRR and J-Curve.

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