Donations and sponsoring

Akina’s donation programme is aimed at serving and strengthening beneficiaries in the regions in which it invests. It supports projects, charities and other non-profit organisations that improve the quality of life of the ultimate beneficiaries and create sustainable impact that brings long-term social and economic benefits to all stakeholders.

Akina aims to be a reliable, long-term and active partner. Accordingly, Akina focuses its resources on a small number of selected projects where Akina’s engagement can make a significant difference, rather than spread its available funds among a vast number of projects.

In order to assist in the development of sustainable prosperity within the regions where Akina invests, Akina has prioritized three core funding areas:

  • Education projects
    Educational programmes and initiatives should be designed to support youth and adult continuing education initiatives. Akina will seek to strengthen educational opportunities in the regions where Akina invests, as well provide support for research and education relevant to the private equity industry.
  • Health projects
    Health initiatives should be focused on working with local organisations to assess specific needs and supporting initiatives that address the most pressing of these needs. This includes the support and integration of disabled people. Efforts will be targeted at both quality of and access to care.
  • Social projects
    Social projects should aim to encourage and honour individual commitment and engagement by Akina’s employees within their local communities through support of private social initiatives.

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