Mission and values

Akina’s mission is clear: to strive for consistently high financial returns for its clients by deploying the team’s expertise in specialised market segments, rather than by advising on volume-driven asset management strategies. Insight, creativity and a prudent approach to risk are important characteristics of the advisory method.

At Akina, good business is not just about making money. Akina aims to create value in a wider sense and to act responsibly and ethically at all times.

The name Akina means 'a group of people who have similar likes'. It signifies the importance of Akina’s network of stakeholders to the business. Akina’s goal is to develop the deepest possible understanding of markets, companies and its clients’ objectives. We do that by building close, mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders – clients, fund managers, entrepreneurs, managers and service providers – with whom we share our knowledge, expertise and contacts. Akina’s logo represents this valuable international network.

Akina has a second meaning: ‘a blossoming flower’. This reflects the way we help private businesses to grow and develop, directly and indirectly. Akina supports these businesses with strategic, operational and financial know-how, as well as equity funding through its direct investments. Akina works closely with owners and management teams to help companies flourish commercially within the framework of sound business practices and good corporate governance.

Ours is a multi-cultural business. It employs talented people from many countries, backgrounds and age-groups and offers equal opportunities to all of its employees.

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